WYHIMA Volunteers

Hello WYHIMA Members,

The past two years have been harder than the normal challenge to get people involved with WYHIMA. Unfortunately, due to lack of statewide participation and volunteers to serve on the board, we are at the point of speaking with AHIMA about dissolving our state association.

This is not a new issue, we were on the verge of this occurring 10 years ago. Luckily at that time, we had motivated members that were willing to step up and keep our association going. It is sad that we are having to think about this, but this is the reality we are facing at this time.

Even if we are able to get by for another year or two, we need to consider the long term as well. A lot of work goes in to maintaining a state association and it is not a one person job. We have been lucky to have a small group of dedicated individuals keep us going but unless we can get new interest, we may have not have a choice in moving forward with dissolving our state association.

In closing, your board requests each of you consider WYHIMA’s future and if/how you would like to be part of it. Please reach out to WYHIMA@outlook.com with any comments, questions, or concerns.